A different kind of watch

Deep in the urban jungle of Oslo on a cool spring day, we, a small group of Scandinavian entrepreneurs, came together and decided to dedicate our expertise and time to create something unique. The result was EYK - a different kind of watch brand.

As entrepreneurs, we make high-quality, minimalist and edgy unisex watches meant for use in the concrete wilderness. Design inspirations are nature, modern architecture and Scandinavian minimalism. Combined with a Swiss-built high-quality watch movement and genuine leather for our first collection, this creates the EYK watches.

As human beings, we make a difference. We believe that time is a precious commodity, and we believe that educating children is one of the most useful ways to spend one’s time. For each watch sold we will contribute USD 15 to a world-class organization working to improve education for children around the world. Check out the organization and all the great work they do at www.starforlife.org.  

We believe that we can all make a difference - if we make time for it.
EYK is our way of doing it.  What will you make time for?

About our watches
Our first collection is a unisex collection. It consists of 8 different models and comes in two sizes: 38mm and 41mm. The nature-inspired design goes from subdues, delicate colours with matte leather, to brighter colours in a luxurious suede fabric. In addition, two of our more edgy designs come with black leather straps.

We do not compromise on quality. All our watches are built around a high-quality Swiss movement.
We are proud of our watches, and we believe that people who care about design, quality, and how they spend their time, will like them too.

Therefore we offer free shipping worldwide & a happiness guarantee (see our terms).

Make Time. Make a Difference.