About EYK

A different watch - Partner with Star For Life

Deep in the urban jungle of Oslo, on a cool autumn day, we found a small group of entrepreneurs from Scandinavia - a way to realize our dream. Our dream of making a difference in this world, creating something unique. The result was EYK - Educate Young Kids.

As contractors, we make high quality unisex watches with minimalist and edgy design for use in the wilderness of concrete. We have taken inspiration from nature, modern architecture and Scandinavian minimalism. Do you combine this with genuine leather, Swiss timepiece and a vision bigger than yourself. Yes, then you have EYK Watches.

Us human beings, we can make a difference. We make a difference here in EYK. Not only is time one of the most precious things you have here, but we also believe that spending your time for something better - like educating children - is perhaps one of the best ways to spend your time. That is why we have made the choice to donate NOK 50 for each watch sold Star For Life a world-class non-profit organization that works with the education of children in several countries.

We are so proud to have the opportunity to be a partner with www.starforlife.org which makes a particularly important work in South Africa, among other places. Down here, they have several coaches who travel around schools and help children there to acquire the knowledge and skills they can use to achieve their dreams. As well as the good work they do to prevent AIDS / HIV.V.

We believe we can all make a difference - as long as we take the time to do so.

EYK is our way of doing it. What do you want to take time for?

About our watches

Our first collection is unisex, which contains 8 different models with two 2 sizes: 38mm and 41mm. The nature-inspired design goes from soft, delicate colors with matte leather into a more luxurious approach in suede. In addition, we have two 2 of our challenging watches with black leather straps.lær.

All our watches are built around Swiss timepieces of the highest quality and this reflects the entire watch in its entirety.

We are proud of our watches and we believe that people who care about design, quality and how they use their time - will love these too.

We offer free worldwide shipping and a happiness guaranteei (see our terms).

Take your time. Make a difference.

EYK - Educate Young Kids